– Win Free Whooper – The My KFC Experience Survey is the official survey for KFC which provides insiders and customer reviews to the company related to their dine-in and drive-through outlets. - Win Free Whooper - KFC Customer Survey – Win Free Whooper

By participating in this survey the customers can also receive exciting offers and prizes.

Participate in the My KFC Survey through the URL:

How to take the survey?

There is a pretty simple procedure for participating in the online KFC survey; you are required to follow through the guidelines mentioned below –

  • First and foremost make a purchase from any of the KFC outlets and keep the receipt for later.
  • Now enter the URL: in your preferred web browser and read through the instructions provided on the website.
  • Now using the receipt enter your survey digits mentioned on it and move forward in the survey by clicking on the Start button.
  • You will land on the questionnaire page of the website from where you can answer the questions and give your rating on the KFC website.
  • These ratings help the company to make improvements in their services hence; the customers are requested to input the right criticisms or ratings on the website.
  • These questions are solely based on the general staff behavior, the quality of food, and other criteria of the KFC restaurant chains.
  • Once you are done answering the questionnaire on the KFC survey website click on the submit option to exit from the survey.
  • Now that you have submitted the survey you’ll find a validation code that appears on your screen which you have to note down for future use. - Win Free Whooper - KFC Customer Survey

Benefits and Rewards

  • After completing the KFC survey the customers will be provided a coupon code which they can use on their next purchase from any of their nearest KFC outlets.
  • Customers are notified that this validation code can only be used within a month of completing your survey on the website.
  • The participants of the survey can also get a chance to claim KFC Go Cups.

Terms and Conditions for Entering the Survey

This survey requires the customers to follow through with a basic set of guidelines which have been mentioned below –

  • A receipt from any of the KFC outlets is completely mandatory to participate in the survey.
  • The customers of KFC can only participate if they are residents of the States.
  • The minimum age for participating in the KFC survey is 18 years or older.
  • The receipt that the customers will be using in the survey must not be older than a month. - Win Free Whooper - KFC Customer Survey

Requirements for Entering the Survey

KFC has listed the following requirements for participating in the survey –

  • The My KFC customer feedback survey is only available in two languages i.e Spanish and English, hence the customers participating in the survey must have basic knowledge or know-how of any of the two languages.
  • The customers can participate in the survey via any gadget or device that supports proper internet connectivity.
  • A proper receipt or invoice from KFC of your purchase is required to participate in the survey, only the receipts that are a month older can be used in the survey.

About KFC Customer Survey

Kentucky Fried Chicken which is more commonly known as the KFC as an abbreviation is one of the largest.

and most expansive multinational corporations specializing in fast-food products and commodities.

You would not be surprised to learn that there are almost 22,621 restaurant chains operating in the world under the KFC organization.

As of today, they are operating in more than 150 different countries.


KFC is one of the top restaurant chains in the world when it comes to serving quality fast-food dishes ad cuisines.

This survey is e method to connect with a large audience at a time and get their review on the restaurants’ environment and functioning. - Win Free Whooper - KFC Customer Survey

KFC Customer Survey FAQs

  • What is the prize for entering the KFC survey?

Answer – The customers can receive a coupon code or KFC Go Cups by entering the survey.

  • From where can I enter the My KFC customer feedback survey?

Answer – You can enter the My KFC customer feedback survey by following the URL:

  • Is the survey open for everyone?

Answer – The survey is only open to the citizens of the US.

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